A N T I D O T E S   

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“…an ongoing undertaking to counteract *violence by occupying spaces both physical and non-physical with agency for transcendence…”


Visuals: Andrew J Pearson

Music:  (Working title. ''For *Gorecki ") Andrew J Pearson C 2018 (All)


This work is intended to provide luxurious breathing space.

Visual memory and hypnosis play a part in this work and it is probable that no two people will see exactly the same thing, therefore it provides an individualised engagement.

Obviously age and life experience is an important consideration.

Visual memory is one of several cognitive systems, interconnected to form the human memory.

 It is an accumulative situation.

When viewing this piece I anticipate that the viewer will instantaneously attach to identifiable images accumulated in their own visual memory triggering feelings and emotions. However, this audio visual work contains such rapid unfolding imagery that this fluidity encourages the viewer to experience the glorious sensation of letting go.

Pacification, deep relaxation and fleeting emotional responses are the intention. 

*Gorecki.  Although the music for this work is entirely original, It does pay homage to Henryk Mikołaj Górecki, the Polish composer of contemporary classical music best known for his third Symphony, ‘’Symphony of Sorrowful Songs’’ released to commemorate the memory of those lost during the Holocaust.  As such, it is particularly poignant in the context of my ongoing work to do with human violence.



Mesmerising minimal imagery, seemingly of nearly nothing, 

with glimpses of overhead power grid lines and the natural world through a heavily digitised lens, 

is underpinned by a soundscape containing a bombardment of definitions of words associated with violence 

and a threatening ambient sound loop. 

The viewer is lulled into a sense of ''nothing happening'' on one hand, 

but a suspicion that something sinister is lurking. 

The conclusion is a series of audio visual ''shocks''.

This work is designed to demonstrate in a literal and graphic way, 

how the the part of the brain that perceives fear and initiates a fight, flight or freeze response, 

can't distinguish between a real threat and a perceived threat, 

but when the more sophisticated parts of the human brain recognise that there is no actual threat, 

merely a loud repeating sound and strobing visual, this function of the primitive limbic system, 

(“The Lizard Brain”) could be regarded as  less essential. 

This has deeper ramifications for what it means to be human in the 21st century 

if we consider the relationship between fear, anger and violence.






The scent of the hot north wind... Summer. White light. Radiation. 
The spirits of the past are soliciting an ear. Desolation. Voices that threaten. 
Earth breathes the words.."breathe... I bleed,.... I am breathing, I am breathing. 
(Hold me in right reverence or be damned.)

A meditation on human interaction with the natural environment. Our treatment of our home.

 An invitation to imagine the planet as a sentient being. Our mother.

A consideration of our ancestors and future generations.


Copyright: Andrew J Pearson (All) 2019