(background audio visual experimentation for a project in development for Adelaide)


This project explores elaborate observations of this particular locality (West Terrace and vicinity. Adelaide South Australia) assembled through the lens of extreme and prolonged anxiety conjured during a significant personal physical and psychological convulsion. This project invites contemplation of anxiety as an opportunity to consider choices and also examine the conception of chosen places that are found for healing.

This will be an audio visual work using a soundscape built from definitions of key words, storytelling, history of places and people and sound effects that are occasionally threatening.  Constantly moving visual grids and patterns react to facets in the soundscape. The work will sometimes meander into abstraction, suggestive of drifting in and out of levels of consciousness. At other times concrete concepts will be made known.


Make a choice.  Place yourself in a space where you can be found, and then find yourself.                                                                                         Allow yourself to be held.  Hold yourself.

A place to heal amongst the broken earth. Broken people and things. A chosen place. Faulted perhaps, but perfectly so. That splendid place in the perfect forest is a myth. The place to go is the mind and this can be done anywhere.

Love moves through people. Permeates layers, is not contained.                                                                                                                                             It could be a reflective surface.  A reflective person.  I could reflect on myself.  Find a pathway through adversity.                                                         Heal the past. Resolve fear of the future.


Andrew J Pearson 2019


© Copyright Andrew Pearson