Allow me to explain without the wish to cause offence, but if you are finding yourself offended, then you will begin to understand how I have felt throughout my life.

Being queer in a majority straight world is rewarding and interesting. 

There are so many opportunities to find spiritual and intellectual transcendence. 

We are the ones our parents never expected. We are the one's who got indoctrinated into the straight world when we were kids because that's just what happens, but it ignores our nature.
Nobody in the culture ever expects us and even today it is rare that potential parents anticipate the joy of having queer offspring. We are left to our own devices, to navigate love in sometimes precarious circumstances. We can be really fucked up. I personally don't really trust the queer person who would say they never have been fucked up.

I used to harbour internalised homophobia but now I have turned that into a perspective that views much of the straight straight world as an abomination in the presence of God. 

Much like Nietzsche, my interpretation of love is wildly anathema to the straight straight world. I loath their religions, their patriarchy, their narrow path and obsession with breeding. They are banal to me. I am angered into my own elitist ideals and in that I am deeply flawed. I address this and keep it hidden mostly but I am a ''punk'' and I sometimes carefully edit my deluge of revulsion and present it in the art of 

"fuck you " 

and allow it to ferment as invocations against the normative Hell realm. 

© Copyright Andrew Pearson