A commentary on first world culture.  Expect music.  Expect imagery. Expect words. An expanding body of work.

Ways of seeing, can transfigure the mundane into the extraordinary.  The common to the whimsical.

The other-worldly realm is intrinsically associated with the mundane world of everyday purpose and function.  The human spirit can dwell in this other-worldly place through a purposive process of the non-aligned  observation of thoughts, actions, sensations and things.

Everyday purpose, in this context can be construed as our basic bodily needs, together with the perceived needs of the ego, desire, superficiality and insecurity of purpose.  Elements and patterns which can render us vulnerable to the politics of fear and the affliction of avaricious greed, fame, alienation and violence in all its configurations.  The notion that in this ‘’other-worldly realm … purpose is served’’ refers to an enhancement that is not necessary to mundane function and everyday purpose.

Through this enhancement, we can delight in objective analysis and evaluation.  We can see the space between, imagine the ‘’other side of the coin’’ and revel in awe in abstraction and all that is NOT known to us.  Every window into the ethereal is nourishing.

We can choose to transpose this exaltation into our participation in the worldly realm.

Every act of compassion, no matter how small, is a revolutionary act.    

Every act of love, no matter how small, is a revolutionary act.                                          EXPLORE