Dream Gardens. 

These paintings are from my most recent series.                                                                                                

An exploration of garden-scapes, botanical forms...., dreamt, imagined, remembered.                                          

I pay conscious attention to the beauty and drama of colour and animated energy, eminating from blackness as I pass suburban gardens at night, sometimes unnaturally lit.  

Walking, talking and glancing my way through a public garden, with a friend, somewhere, sometime.  Remembering.  My mother's garden, my childhood places.    

Sunlit flashes of colour, shape and form, semi abstracted, as I walk quickly to catch a train. Never seeing everything in detail, all at once.

Shadow world's, reflections, and mysterious light, deep behind layers of foliage, lend vibrancy to colour and light, that dances in the foreground.

Finding ''stillness'' in a world that is always in motion.  The endless chaotic cycle of birth, life, death and decay contains for me, moments in which fear is held in suspension.  The mundane defers to whimsy and wonderment.  Walking daydreams.  Places I have been.  Spaces in which I would like to be. 

Andrew J Pearson. 2014