Crystal Grid - Andrew J Pearson. August 2017. Foyer Gallery. Gasworks Arts Park. Melbourne

Professional artist, Andrew J Pearson in association with Gasworks Arts Park, invite you to enjoy a free visual art/new media experience.
This visual art exhibition is one of the first of its kind to use augmented reality as well as digital codes in an original and evocative way. Prepare to be amazed.

Artist Statement

You are invited to move away from the anxiety of social media, commercial blitzkrieg and a sea of unedifying ‘’information’’, to consider the ethereal.

I wish to present for you, a sublime experience of cyber space.

To do this, I have created layered glass montages intended to highlight the beauty I see in physical components of technology as well as considered digital reinterpretations of much that is familiar in our culture.

Consistent with my wish, this exhibition incorporates digital portals accessible through your personal devices. These portals open an audio visual banquet that aims to exhilarate, challenge and liberate. The Crystal Grid is an exploration of familiar mind states, situations, entities and objects through an alluring new lens.

I believe that cyber space is entirely connected to the natural world.

The digital realm is evolving through the resourcefulness of the human mind. We create ever more ingenious implements using components from nature such as electromagnetic waves, protons, gases, copper, quartz, substances from other worlds and gold. Pixels are diamonds, star dust and sun light.

Andrew J Pearson 2017