Peace Process

Artworks constructed from unexpected materials, incorporating unconventional techniques.

The portraits include a diverse and global collection of individuals who have in their own way, contributed to a furtherance of acceptance and empowerment of those who are misunderstood, threatened and marginalised based on gender, sexuality and race.  ‘Angels’ who afford us the opportunity to view our own personal humanity in a more positive way.

Peace Process introduces a more broad exploration of the notion of “the peace process”, than the common term used in mass media to describe often questionable transactions within and between established (patriarchal) power structures. In other words, a celebration and reverence for a more transcendent peace process.   

Peace Process for me as the artist has been meditative and literally a ‘piece’ process insofar as each artwork is created using sculpted fragments of compact disc and white enamel arranged in a highly considered way.

Each piece imparts shining colour spectrums in constant motion.  All the known colours that can (theoretically) be perceived by the human eye.                   

Andrew J Pearson 2015