PEACE PROCESS    Gasworks Arts Park. Midsumma 2016.

''Renowned artist Andrew J Pearson will transform Gasworks Arts Park’s Foyer Gallery into a glittering temple of love, light, colour and rainbows with his stunning body of works Peace Process. Pearson’s Midsumma offering is more than just a visual arts exhibition.  By literally piecing together multiple fragments of compact disc and small laminated monochromatic tiles which, when viewed from a slight distance, form photographic images, Pearson has produced a magnificent collection of 20 portraits.

Pearson has chosen subjects who have contributed to a furtherance of acceptance and empowerment of those who are misunderstood, threatened and marginalised based on gender, sexuality and race.

This is a one-of-a-kind visual art experience that offers the viewer an opportunity to contemplate loving kindness and the human rights of all, while stepping into an immersive, rainbow filled gallery space that bursts with splendid colour spectrums in constant motion.''

Beat Magazine Jan. 2016

''Peace Process colours the walls of the Gasworks Foyer Gallery

''Are you ready for beautifully intricate portraits of light, colour and love?

Peace Process is a series of portraits developed by Andrew Pearson and painstakingly crafted from tiny sections of CDs. This visual arts exhibition showcases individuals who have contributed to the empowerment of those who have been threatened and marginalised due to gender, sexuality or race. These portraits reflect an abundance of light and colour that you can simply get lost in staring at the beautiful complexity of each one.''   

Arts Hub. Jan 2016