Crystal Grid - Andrew J Pearson

To enjoy the show, you will need a free app on your phone or other device (Tablet or iPad) that has a rear facing camera and headphones.

Here’s how to get all you need. 

(*) HP Reveal is an Augmented Reality Platform. Here are the download directions for Android and iPhone users. No need to fear.                                              

This is a trusted application owned by Hewlett Packard.

1 Open Play Store or App Store.

2 Search 

3  Select Install or Get.

4  Select open.

5  Swipe until you see a field suggesting you enter an email address. Enter an email or select skip. Creating a user name and password. 

6  Open the app and select SEARCH AURAS

7  In search, type thecrystalgrid   Select and then select tap follow.                                                                     

8  Select scanner symbol at top or bottom of the screen.

9  Now to scan each work. Plug in your head set, hold your device still and centre the whole image on your screen, wait a few seconds then enjoy the audio visual feast.  




What is augmented reality?

A technology that superimposes computer-generated moving images and audio on your view of the world through your phone or tablet via a scanning tool. 

How do I get it?

The augmented reality platform used for this show is called HP Reveal and is available to download for free from the App Store and Google Play. This App is easily installed on most reasonably up to date Apple and Android devices.

Why does HP Reveal require access to my camera, files and location?

HP Reveal needs access to your camera so it can scan the work. For this exhibition, your location is not necessary and the scanner should still operate with location disabled.  HP Reveal only accesses your files at your command in the same way Facebook and Twitter do and only if you have signed in and created an account. 

 How much data will this interactive experience use?

HP Reveal requires only 62.30 MB of space. Viewing the show uses very little data.

*This estimate may vary slightly depending on your device.

The app can be deleted from your device at any time after viewing the show using your application manager.

Trouble Shooting

1 Be sure to hold your device reasonably still while scanning and watching the audio visual component making sure the whole image on the wall is visible on your screen.

2 You can take a comfortable seat in front of the work. Most of the images will trigger the audio visual component if scanned at a slight angle. 

3 A target image will pulse for a moment when the scanner has detected the audio visual component. Wait a moment and the audio visual component will appear.

4 With the mandala type images, it is best to scan the image toward the top or scan in from top right corner until the target image appears.

5 If the audio visual component appears upside down, try turning your device up the other way and re-scanning. This should resolve the issue.

6      If you can’t find the scanner symbol or no audio visual component is appearing, check that you are following  ' thecrystalgrid'  If you have done this, click out of all Apps. Then click on the HP Reveal in your App. menu.

If the scanner screen which appears like a grid of bouncing dots does not instantly appear, look for the scanner symbol below and tap.

Experiment and enjoy.