FROM NATURE 2016 - Saturday 22 to Sunday 30 October 2016

''Gasworks Arts Park will host beautiful organic sculptures as part of a nine day exhibition over two weekends. 
Visitors can see Land Art installed throughout the park; made from natural materials including flowers, straw, sticks, stones and timber. Vegetation and naturally occurring materials will be composed into organic, transitory sculptures within a natural landscape.''

Launch. 2 pm. Saturday 21st October. 
Tree of Future Nature

Medium: Tree, collected floral, faunal and aquatic components both living and dead. Metal (wire), cotton and jute. Scented oil. Bird seed. Animistic entities.

This installation is informed by the notion of Animism, (The attribution of a soul to plants, inanimate objects, and natural phenomena) together with the concept that as much as we are observing the planet, it in turn is watching us and is perhaps not devoid of a cosmic sense of humour. 

Human ingenuity has created sophisticated systems going beyond providing protection from the elements and readily obtainable food to space exploration, global digital technology and genetic modification. A process of transmutation viewed as both beautiful and threatening. We have relied on energy produced by transforming natural elements in ways ultimately counter-productive to human survival.

The direst scientific modelling concludes that we face increasingly extreme meteorological events and a global sea level rise of up to 2.4 meters in the next 100 years due to melting ice and the expansion of the oceans as they warm.  Everything is natural.  The future is not pre-determined.

We may choose to create large engineered environments outside of which we could not survive as nature has become so violent.

Alternatively we may adapt in more ingenious and environmentally harmonious ways and one day a generation may wake up to a planet that is pristine.

I prefer the latter scenario.  VIEW HERE

Andrew J Pearson 2016