V I O L E N C E 

Violence is something a society has the ability to contain, if we ask the right questions and maintain objectivity. 

If we explore the motives of all forces involved. The actions. The lack of actions. 

If we try to address distress and pain in an open and unbiased way

with no agenda other than to lessen the harm done to one another. 

  L O V E   

There is love and then there is everything else. 

Born human means being born into the world having an overwhelming sense of need from the very beginning. 

Antidotes to discomfort and food sucked from something are our first order of things.

It is proposed in the fields of biology and psychology that the history of violence infiltrates our genetics from conception.

We are all from multiple parents.

The formation of a monster is ineluctable.

The hardened scars of collective historical human experience become visceral. 

How do we begin to experience Love?


Fear and trust and absence of fear. Love and desire. Giving.

Fear of rejection and of loss of protection.

Safety. ’’There is no such thing as security, there never has been’’. (Germaine Greer)

How do we find and conserve and perpetuate love?

What do I have to give?


Can you see demons?


A waking nightmare in which people are obsessed with fame or infamy, and even the difference between these two states seems not to matter. Substance and poignancy, talent and craft…. Generosity.  The passion to create without assurance of embrace seems discredited and mocked. 

Opinions are formed out of nothing more than a seeming need to have them. The false belief that opinions and judgements and comments provide some kind of synthetic proof of existence and of worth.  Not everything that is thought is worth saying...  and so much of what is said is not worth hearing.  When literalism replaces accurate substantiation and critical thinking, the world becomes very dark.

Social attention is no substitute for love, but if someone doesn’t know what love is, then this concept cannot be grasped. Nothing means anything. Every day is the same. Vacuous… desperate.  Selfish.

Behind the blinding light-emitting diodes and the bubble gum flavoured air, breathed in, sucked from the world by the self-entitled.  Behind every attention addicted constantly indignant judging new guru, leading packs of frightened hypnotised children who have long since lost their identity…… their sense of purpose… those for whom these notions have never occurred. Those in search of a tribe to belong to. Behind it all… is no more than a swamp of platitudinous repartition, mindless voyeuristic cruelty and pain and mistakes made through stubborn ignorance. In an autocratic system……. Controlled……….. Manipulated.  A society where history has been allowed to be erased.  A system in which the only outcome of rebellion is a tightening of the grip.  An ever more narrowing path.  Asphyxiation. A world where some kind of dark mirror has been passed through.

Compassion seems foolish.  Quiet considered observations are shouted down in a deafening inundation of slogans and labels and lies that are never exposed, or if disproved, become even more powerful.  A shallow slime pit , where life is short………. And when it ends, for many, all they will have is their ‘’opinions’’ and a lot of fear and a sense of loss and longing, for lifetimes given away willingly to reflections, shallow, and only of the self.

C Andrew J Pearson 2017



Teaching a new dog, old tricks... THERE ARE NO ANSWERS HERE


In first principle and if perceived in literal terms, the ''stock exchange'' is supposed to be

an almost socialistic mechanism for the distribution of wealth and profit and a facility for financing business... 

supposedly way above and beyond a construct like the E.U.

The United States....................... us

HOWEVER... It is so easily laid waste


Trading slaves ......

Poverty is very real, especially if you are 


                                      Ordinary people are less likely to be generous toward those who are less advantaged,                                        if they themselves are fearful of ending up POOR as well.

''wanna buy a gun?'' 



solid investments



We have a political language infected with words words words like ''trickle down economics'', ''responsible fiscal policy'' 


''reforms''. We get attempts at social engineering and division based on fear of a fictitious ''other''.

Those who talk in humanistic terms are viewed as temporarily inspiring, 

or a threat to some entrenched dog eat dog logic. To speak of love, 

can often be construed as threatening, shocking, facile.


''Sometimes there are always problems, sometimes only fable'' (Duggie Fields)




Use the web to gather information and paint a picture of the world that surrounds you.

Accept abstraction. 

Find one point of view, then another and another.

Some of these views views oppose each other.   

© Copyright Andrew J Pearson