A N T I D O T E S   T O   



Artist statement

 ‘’Certain streets have certain corners, sooner or later we’ll turn yours’’ (Brian Eno)

I have often found it difficult to turn corners…. But I do.

I believe in change. I observe. This is central to being the kind of artist I have chosen to be. 

In the beginning,

I actively seek awareness without necessarily having a particular end objective. 

Sometimes I feel like I am swimming in shit. 

Sometimes I discover beauty and poignancy in the strangest of places. 

Often I have the luxury of choosing either the former or the latter.

I attach to certain ideas and explore. This in turn can lead to the creation of something.

(Some thing).

This may be as simple as a note scrawled on a piece of paper that no one will ever read.

It may mean weeks composing a piece of music that no one will hear.

It may all come together and take carefully edited form, 

then be set adrift in the world in order to find a place and interpretation in the psyche of others.


I am currently creating audio visual work as part of an ongoing undertaking 

to counteract *violence by occupying spaces both physical and non-physical with agency for transcendence 

considering an expanding number of propositions and questions including:


Love and fear.

Love is giving (mostly).

Fear, is always…… of loss

What is? And what is not?


Sometimes we can just stand still


 *violence: In this case, I am specifically regarding actions and thoughts of human beings and the ramifications of these actions. 

(That which is born out of fear).  Greed. Ambivalence. From the dropping of a nuclear bomb on a city 

to the unnecessary use of a car horn. 

Making it difficult for another to say no. From Auschwitz and Treblinka to being rude to the waiter. 

Ways in which we bring harm upon ourselves.




C Andrew J Pearson 2018