Andrew James Pearson

 is a contemporary artist,

 based in Australia.

Andrew's work includes image making, music, writing, short films 


new media.

 Andrew has worked consistently, producing a 

significant body of visual art ranging from luxurious moody floral images 

to landscapes, still life, abstracted cityscapes, 

post pop portraits and deconstructions of contemporary culture.

Andrew's work has been acquired by collectors in Australia, 

New Zealand, Asia, Europe and The United States.

Andrew continues to employ traditional 

as well as innovative new techniques and digital media,

to produce work originating from percipient observation 

and purposive subversion of traditional narratives,  

making the familiar intriguing and ethereal.

Andrew recently completed 

a new media based visual art exhibition 

incorporating augmented reality and conductive code 

(Crystal Grid), together with an audio visual installation, 

''Superlunary Room #1'' 

(Ambient soundscape, suspended prism forms and 

refracted light, creating an other-worldly space 

for public meditation) 

exhibited by invitation for Gasworks Arts Park, 


Andrew, while continuing to produce visual works,  

is currently engaged in research exploring 

complex narratives and histories 

surrounding forms of violence 

and antidotes to violence 

intended to inform future projects.


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